ideas for tomorrow's reality

Argumented Reality combines creative thinking with innovative practice. Our services include customized consulting, development and moderation of formats for an intensive exchange of ideas. From visionary innovation processes and purpositioning to interactive events - fresh inputs to shape the reality of tomorrow.

Our goal: 
CREATING more MEANING - with you!


With applied philosophy, we help people think more clearly, more openly and more deeply. To do this, we develop formats that are fun and refresh thinking. We sample arguments and reality hacks. From Plato to Greta Thunberg, from Inner Work to Circular Design, from Strategy to Purpositioning.

Feed Forward.

You have to make sense. As innovation enablers, we support you in developing and implementing new ideas. In an appreciative culture in which Taskforce and Askforce mutually strengthen each other. Co-thinking for the future.

Positive Rage.

With creative productions we want to ignite emotions. Enthusiasm is the most renewable energy for disruption. To open minds and win hearts, we rely on creativity & the collaboration with artists from the fields of music, visual arts and performance.


Instead of realizing potentials, we potentiaterealities. Together with our clients and partners, we develop innovativeformats, design events, moderate workshops and talks, and advise on futureissues, complex content, attitudes and meaning.


CLEVERITY. Executive Coaching

The one-on-one for self-reflection and mindstorming.

For confident uncertainty in leadership.


The reality check for the future.

At its core are three simple questions:Who are you? Where do you want to go? How do you move forward?


Our fitness courses for judgment.

The Best of Pure Reason: From First Principle Thinking to Conceptual Engineering.


Format development in a team.

You, your audience + us > innovative ideas with a future.


Interactive input sessions for fresh mindsets.

From Thinking Training, Art of the Deal to Diversity Dive.


Open co-creation on your topics for the future.

We provide the inputs for your Deep Talks. Discover your Wisdom.


Our flagship for the big questions of the future.

Fun & Substance. Purpose & Party.


We are your sparring partners for strategy and innovation.

Our approach: smart multi-asking instead of classic consulting.


We like to develop workshops, talks and events For you and your topics.



Confident Uncertainty.

Learn how to see uncertainty as your greatest resource.


New, old, good Work

On Smart Work, Response-ability, Work Culture and Corporate Nature.


When will we become robots?

Critical thinking, machines, and conservative algorithms.


Don't let power just happen.

The Empowerment Checkup for Organizations.


Give us something to think about.


We must learn to go in circles

From donut economy, SDGs to ego meltdown.


Is it good?

Our approach to value-centered innovation.


Curiosity Care

Curiosity Cultures, Big Data, and Dada.


LET´s Talk!



Dr. Tim Scholze
Chairman BLINC

You did a great job opening up the topic of sustainability in both breadth and depth.

Daniel brüngger

Certainty in uncertain times. What can be more important? Manuel Scheidegger has succeeded with philosophical substance and a lot of fun in opening up a new mindset for our engineering teams! Thanks for that!

Dr. Dag Piper
Head of Growth and Change Design isi GmbH

Argumented Reality was an event of a special kind - multisensory experiences mixed with the most diverse perspectives and mental stimuli. A perfect staging and emotional stimulation of the audience, which will have a long lasting effect. More of this, please!

Gudrun Porath
Author of Corporate Learning, Haufe Akademie

Put new ideas on top of reality and involve the audience = Argumented Reality. Very ingenious event.The concept can be used for various topics, with the public or in-house:Strategy development for example, corporate culture, human resources development and and and...

Christof Biggeleben
Chief Creative Officer Ressourcenmangel

Argumented Reality and Manuel Scheidegger succeeded in opening our minds again and again, giving new impulses and getting to the point. The powerful moderation and the philosophical inputs were very inspiring for us and excited the team.

Anne Sulzbach
Deputy Head of Education & Outreach at Städel Museum Frankfurt a. M.

Targeted input, creative suggestions and visions, coupled with new ways of thinking. The stimulating and pleasant atmosphere has contributed an important part to the creative work. We are now full of ideas that we can and will implement directly.

Susanne Schumacher
Head of Klubschule Migros Basel

The Argumented Reality approach was considered as very inspiring by the employees with different backgrounds, and elevated us wonderfully. With the philosophical approach combined with his talent for performing, Manuel Scheidegger stands out from the broad mass of speakers.

Joachim Haag
Managing Director isi GmbH 

There has never been a more valuable workshop host in my professional life. The combination of genuine hosting, an incredible inspirational force and high-quality content contributions has fully convinced us. The entire team is looking forward to the further journey together!

Hans Rudolf Maag
LGT Bank Group Holding

Extraordinary and therefore extraordinarily sustainable. That is Argumented Reality.

Argumented Reality. Space of Thoughts.

The workshow for the big questions of the future.
Fun & Substance. Purpose & Party.




How to do great communication in 2030?
Format: Workshop
Topic: Purpositioning, Innovation
Client: Agency Group Communication

In digital remote sessions, the creative directors of an agency group asked themselves the question: How can we make relevant and inspiring communication in 2030? What do we need? What values drive us? How do we want to work together to achieve our goals?

Think digital, inspire live.
Format: Training, Workshops
Topic: Innovation, Format developement
Client: Städel Museum

MUSEUM FOR HOME is more than a substitute for visiting a museum in times of a pandemic. Together with the Städel Education & Outreach team, we were able to develop a new format for interactive, digital museum experiences. A crowd magnet and a new source of revenue for the museum!

How will we work and live in the future?Format: Pop-Up Think Tank, Workshow
Topic: Shaping the future; networking
Client: DAX Company Biotech

In the forum of a German biotech company, we staged a public event on the Work Life Spaces of the future. With astrophysicist René Heller, the Urban Dance Crew 1st cut and many more.


Think critically. Act athletically.
Format: Training, Interactive session
Topic: Personnel development, Mindsetting
Client: internat. Group Private Banking

What is fake? What is my current relationship status with reality? Which mindset makes me fit for the future? - Our trainings for the personnel development of the academy of an international private banking group.

The Business of Critical Thinking.
Format: Workshop, Talks
Topic: Talent development, careerdevelopment
Client: various German universities

Humanities and social science graduates haveforward-looking skills: Creativity, solving complex problems and criticalthinking. How can we motivate them for start-ups and at the same time taketheir critical perspective seriously? - Our format for future entrepreneurs is carriedout at various German universities.


Argumented Reality is a project of philosopher Manuel Scheidegger and a network of unrealists and possibility makers from innovation consulting, creative communication, art and humanities.

philosopher and moderator

Manuel studied philosophy and scenic arts in Hildesheim and Berlin. Before starting Argumented Reality, he worked as a philosophy lecturer, advertiser, theater director and co-founder of a digital storytelling startup. He regularly writes articles, among others for Zeit Online, Philosophie Magazin or for the podcast Sinneswandel.

presenter and founder

Viva is a certified Design Thinking coach and systemic business consultant. As a cultural scientist, she is fully committed to developing corporate culture and co-founded the innovation space StartRaum, which she also leads. True to Frithjof Bergman's “Die Arbeit sollte uns dienen und nicht wir der Arbeit”  (our jobs should benefit us and not our jobs benefitting from us), her workshops and coaching sessions are about having fun with your own productivity, enjoying it and the tools & mindsets that support it. For an example of that, then take a look here.

Katharine BeitzSpeaker and Tech Expert 

Katharina Beitz is a tech entrepreneur, columnist, podcaster and CEO of ePlug GmbH. She speaks throughout Europe about Digital Gaps, Supply Chains and Smart Citizenship. Her business columns are regularly published in Computerwoche and Frankfurter Rundschau, among others. As a philosopher (Free Uni. in Berlin) with a subsequent MSc. in Paris, London, Shanghai and Silicon Valley (École Sup. de Commerce de Paris) in Digital Innovation & Business Management, she has been faithful to her mission "Digital - for everyone" for many years.

freelance composer & performer

As a freelance composer, lyricist, performer, singer and songwriter Friedrich works for various theater, pop and film productions. He is the head of the Berlin electro band Mittekill, whose great songs can be found on all major platforms. With Argumented Reality Friedrich is responsible for the sound composition. As a performer he accompanies the big events.

Cédric Scheidegger Lämmleclassical philologist, consultant

Cédric Scheidegger Lämmle is a Professor of Classics at the University of Basel, he brings expertise of our history - and thus also in the possibilities of alternative trajectories and ideas. He advises Argumented Reality and its clients on communication and strategy.

van Laar

Paul is an industrial designer and inventor. His award-winning Light Fold lamp, folded from a single piece of paper, can be ordered here. For Argumented Reality, Paul regularly stages entrancing light and space installations. With you together, we would be happy to design your own Thinkinstallation.

journalist and moderator

Besides studying philosophy and politics, Marilena has been producing the "Sinneswandel"(Change of Mind) podcast since 2017 and works as a freelance journalist and moderator. She is particularly interested in questions of personal self-efficacy and social responsibility. As a Possibilist, she sees the scope of action available to us to solve the challenges of our time.

David Braun

David is studying in Copenhagen. His project is to meet as many people and ideas as possible to contribute to a more sustainable, creative economy. As a co-founder of several urban initiatives, he is part of the Urban League and advises the German Ministry of the Interior on issues concerning young urban makers. David supports Argumented Reality as a representative of Gen Z in research and provides ideas for a sustainable future.

Design Thinker and Founder

Jonas is an expert in design thinking and agile teamwork methods. He's good at getting people thinking and doing. He also started the Hipster Quartet, founded a café and started several companies. Jonas supports Argumented Reality in developing formats. With Manuel, he accompanies teams and organizations in innovation and change processes.

Corinne Maier
theater director, cultural mediator, trainer in non-violent communication

Corinne lives and works as a director, performer and cultural mediator in Basel and Berlin. She studied cultural studies and has a training in non-violent communication (according to Marshall Rosenberg). Her theater works can be seen at festivals and theaters in Germany and Switzerland. With Argumented Reality, Corinne is inaction when teams want to creatively develop their communication culture and strengthen their connection to each other and to others.

Tobias StörzingerPhilosophER, Design Thinker

TS is a trained philosopher and design thinker. He wrote a doctoral thesis on the question of how organizations can reflect upon themselves. As an ethicist, he is part of a Germany-wide project on social robots and advises various technology projects on ethical challenges. He makes music, knows how to program and within our AR network he likes to ponder technological issues like AI, robots along with the potential and the dangers of Big Data.

Tanja Wehr
visual recording, sketchnoter

Tanja Wehr – founder of Sketchnote lovers in 2014 - is a sketch noter, illustrator and bestselling author with a background in the humanities. Her favorite thing to do is to help make complex issues more understandable and knowledge more accessible in order to create more joy in learning. With her work, she builds visual bridges so that everyone understands each other, no matter how diverse their backgrounds. She regularly accompanies Argumented Reality events with graphic recordings.

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Forest of the Future

Together with the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HAWK) in Göttingen and the Stifterverband der Deutschen Wirtschaft, we asked the audience about the forest of the future: How green can we live? More info and pictures here.


Whatdo I need to confidently deal with uncertainty in my organization? Our 3-dayworkshop with inputs &tools on Leadership Philosophy, Systemic Leading and Non-Violent Communication. Most recently for the Falling Walls Foundation and their FEMALE SCIENCE TALENTS program. Do you want to work on your leadership skills? Contact us.


In cooperation with the Public History course, the Römerthermen Zülpich - Museum of Bathing Culture and the Gateway Excellence Start-Up Center of the Universityof Cologne, we supported students in developing ideas to turn a visit to the museum into an experience for the whole family. To the article.


We must learn to turn in circles. For ZEIT ONLINE, Manuel Scheidegger has written anessay about the necessary change in thinking in times of climate catastrophe.



GWG Gesellschaft für Wirtschaftsförderung und Stadtentwicklung in Göttingen approached us with the desire for a new, creative and interactive format for exchange. Together we developed a creative lounge on future topics. Manuel Scheidegger presented the event.



You´ll never walk alone. That's why Argumented Reality regularly collaborates with friendly projects and companies.


The actors Rebecca Klingenberg and Gabriel von Berlepsch from the German Theater in Göttingen teach co-creative playfulness and performance skills in their own methods. For Argumented Reality, they are regularly requested as speakers and performers.

StartROOM Göttingen

The Innovation and CoWorkingspace in Göttingen is our partner in developing and hosting great events and it is the world's best host for meetings and new work. In a great community.


Here, freelance journalist Marilena Berends and invited authors discuss desirable futures and talk to scientists, artists and activists about current topics such as climate change, identity politics or the working world of tomorrow. Sinneswandel is a podcast that encourages people to question the status quo and to see themselves as active artists of the future.


Since our beginnings in 2013 we were able to explore a variety of fields in which we created visual images and experiences on paper, web and film. Ever since we are always interested in discovering new areas and working with talented people to extend our creative network.